Children's Mazes

Everyone loves a good maze, so why not see if you can work your way around our selection of mazes? The idea is simple: there is only one route from the start to the end of the maze. These two cells are both highlighted in grey. Can you work out how to get from the start to the end? The best way to tackle a children's maze is through using a pencil, so that way if you go wrong and hit a dead end you can retrace your steps.

We are currently in the process of developing the mazes section and hope to have a range of shapes and sizes, including printable maze PDFs so you can play them wherever you go. If you are logged in to the site, you will see some printable maze PDFs underneath this text for you to print the mazes and enjoy wherever you go.


Click on any of the mazes to download and print the PDF file:

  1. Maze 1
  2. Maze 2
  3. Maze 3
  4. Maze 4
  5. Maze 5


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