Childrens Comprehension Test

Simply read through this short passage of text carefully for two minutes. Then answer the five questions underneath, without referring back to the text. This is an important test that checks your ability to read, understand, digest and then recall information, and hence tests a range of reading, comprehension, understanding and memory recall skills.

John the Flamingo

One day at the zoo, a Tuesday as it happens, John the Flamingo was feeling a little bit blue. This was very unusual for him, because being a flamingo he was pink. So what was making him sad?

His friend Federico had left the zoo and been taken to another animal park somewhere else in the country. It was only a few miles away but because he couldn't leave they might as well have taken Federico to Mongolia, or so it seemed.

However, help was at hand as his best friend Spikey the hedgehog had sensed something was up so had got all the animals to hold a surprise party for him, with all his favourite food.


Now see if you can answer these five questions - no peeking back at the text!

1 - What is the name of the flamingo this story is about?

2 - What day of the week was it?

3 - What colour was the flamingo feeling?

4 - Federico "might as well have" been sent to which country?

5 - What was the name of the hedgehog?

That's it! Once you've tried your best to answer the questions, check back against the text and see if you got it right.

If you scored three out of five or more then congratulations, you did really well! If not then don't worry - the first couple of times you do comprehension tests they can be tricky but you soon get better with practice - next time you do a test read everything really carefully and pay attention to the little details that are given to you as you go along.

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