Childrens Themed Puzzles

We have a large range of children's themed word puzzles. So whatever the occasion, we have a puzzle that reflects it!

If your child is learning at school about all sorts of different themes and topics, whether by historical or related to science, sport or even entertainment, we have a themed puzzle that will add a fun element to their learning.

Many of these puzzles are word related so they act as a great source of vocabulary and we recommend with puzzles such as the word search for maximum benefit the child looks up and learns any words that they are not familiar with in order to gain the maximum educational value from the puzzle.

Please note this section is currently in development; our aim is to cover around 50 themed children's topics. Click on any active links below for themed puzzle material on that theme:

  1. Christmas themed puzzles
  2. Halloween themed puzzles
  3. Easter themed puzzles
  4. Thanksgiving themed puzzles
  5. Football themed puzzles
  6. Rugby themed puzzles
  7. Cricket themed puzzles
  8. Tennis themed puzzles
  9. Colours themed puzzles
  10. Science themed puzzles
  11. Chemistry puzzle

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