Cricket Puzzles

Cricket is a great game, but for those who are not luckily enough to be born in a country where cricket is played, it can seem a bit strange. Many people cannot get the concept of a game that is played over several days, up to five in a test match, and think the whole concept quite strange!

However, for the rest of us who know how great cricket is, and all the wonderful and weird words such as googlys, zooters, silly mid offs, and yorkers, it is a great game with a vocabulary all of its own.

We have a cricket themed word ladder for you. All you have to do is move from the first to the last word by changing one letter at a time - as you can see it's a "wide ball" but we hope you won't miss the crease by not managing to solve our word ladder!

At the end of the puzzle roll over the image with your mouse to see if you got the same solution as us. There are several possible options. For bonus points see if you can manage to make the penultimate word 'bail' for an extra cricket-related word!

Answer: Wide,tide,tile,tale,tall,ball

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