Christmas Puzzles

Welcome to the Christmas themed puzzle section of Children's Puzzles! Get into that festive spirit whatever the time of year and eat a piece of Yule log and write a wish list to Santa... but first you have to complete our Christmas puzzle successfully!

Here is a Christmas word ladder. Can you move from the 'star' at the top of the tree, or the Star of Bethlehem, down to the Christmas card at the bottom of the ladder?

Simply change one letter at a time to make a valid word on each rung of the ladder. If you find this too easy with the eight steps we've given you, try doing it in one less step.

If you can do it in two less steps (six in total), then that's really impressive and you're better than us - send us your solution and we'll add it! Once you're done or given up, simply roll your mouse over the image to see a solution in seven steps to this fun Christmas themed word ladder.


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