Colours Puzzles

When we think of colours, we traditionally think of the colours of the rainbow - such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet - not forgetting that unusual deep blue/purple colour between blue and violet, which is indigo. Other common colours are white and black.

Here is a word ladder puzzle that starts and ends with a colour. The first of them is a little unusual so if you don't know what colour it is, look it up and find out and learn something in the process! See if you can move from the first word to the end word changing one letter at a time - and you must make a proper word each time!

Once you have finished the Colour Word Ladder, you can see if you got the same answer as us or a different one by putting your mouse over the image below which will reveal one solution.

Answer: Teal,Tell,Till,Tile,Time,Lime

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