Tennis Puzzles

Tennis is known for many things. Not only is it one of the oldest sports to still be in existence today, it is also one of the few sports that men and women can compete in for equal prize money and with equal status in events. Compare this with other massive sports such as soccer where the women's game has very little exposure at all.

Tennis is also known for the interesting scoring system that is has. The points are not 1,2, 3, 4 as you might expect but 15, 30, 40 then advantage if required before game - and the score starts at 'love' for '0'! This is because the game is so old and has acquired these quirks since its inception.

Here is a fun tennis themed puzzle for you. Using all the letters in the circle below once, can you make a nine letter word that is related to tennis? If you get stuck then here is a clue: it is something that you find at the edges of the tennis court! If you want to check your answer or if you still can't find the solution even with the clue, then just roll your mouse over the puzzle to see the answer.

Answer: Baselines

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