Hanjie: Online Player

Here's how Hanjie Puzzles will look on the user friendly Childrens Puzzles Hanjie Player:

To highlight a cell, simply click it with the mouse. It will turn from yellow to green. You may highlight any cell by clicking it with the mouse, or use tab and shift tab to move between cells.

If you want to mark a cell as filled, then click the 'Z' key, and it will turn black.

To mark a cell that definitely is NOT filled, press 'X'. This will turn the cell red.

Once you have finished the puzzle, you will have marked exactly as many cells with 'Z', and have them turned black, as are listed in the clues for each row and column. Thus, if a row is marked '1,1,1' you will have three cells marked black in that row, with at least one cell between them that is not filled.

It is your choice whether you decide to mark all the non-filled squares as 'X' - which turns them red.

To check your solution at any stage, click the 'See if you got it right' link: this will tell you if you got it right, or how far off you are.

To reveal the solution, click 'Click to show solution'. Finally if you make a real hash of it, you can click 'Reset grid' to start again! Note that if you are not using Internet Explorer you may experience problems with the online player. In this case either use IE if you have it available, or print the grids off and play on paper.

How a finished puzzle might look...

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