A Hanjie Puzzle Consists of a grid like that below, and may be of any width or height. The aim is to fill in the number of squares specified in each row and column to create a picture.

Typically, the larger the grid the harder the puzzle though this does not always follow. You will notice at the top and left of the puzzle are a set of numbers. These indicate which cells within the grid are to be filled in.

For instance:

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Like any puzzle, hanjie takes practice, and you will get quicker at working out possibilities over time. All our puzzles can be solved with no guesswork required - through deduction alone - and there is only one solution for each puzzle. You will end up with a picture, for instance if the puzzle was called snowflake, you might get a picture like this (note this is not the solution to the example grid at the top of this page!):
Hanjie solved

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