Logic Puzzles

Welcome to the Members logic puzzles section. The following question set is a mix of maths questions, english grammar and spelling, and logical thinking questions.

  1. Give the next number in this sequence: 5, 15, 35, 75, ?
  2. Apple is to fruit as carrot is to?
  3. Which is the correct spelling: 'definite', 'defanate', 'definate'?
  4. If I have five apples and you have three times as many, how many apples do we have in total?

  5. The word 'the' in English is: the definite article, the indefinite article, a pronoun?
  6. Fish is to water as cow is to?
  7. Which is the correct spelling: 'seperate', 'separate', 'sepurate'?
  8. Mary is 1 and her brother Jake is 6. How old will Mary be when Jake is exactly twice her age?
  9. Which sentence is correct: "I love their shoes", or "I love there shoes" or "I love they're shoes"?
  10. Torch is to light as radiator is to?

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